Saving lives through technology

We want our AI technology to
not only perform in the highest level,
but also to serve for ‘the right’ purposes.
For us, this is ‘saving more lives.’

We aim to solve the most critical issues
in cancer care today:
reduce medical cost and prolong survival.

As a company, our philosophy is
to follow value over profit.
Our eyes are fixed in the fundamental
and inherent values,
while we simply take a portion
of the fruit we bear.

  • Our Vision
  • Team Lunit
  • Our Journey
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Our Vision

Perfecting Intelligence,
Transforming Medicine.

Lunit, a portmanteau of ‘Learning unit,’ is a medical AI software company
devoted to providing AI-powered total cancer care.
Our AI solutions help discover cancer and predict cancer treatment outcomes,
achieving timely and individually-tailored cancer treatment.

Lunit Core Values

*Lunit AI researchers,
Seonwook Park and Thijs Kooi.

  • Be Original

    We are not afraid to step apart from
    the crowd and become different.
    We value originality and try hard to uphold it.

  • Motivate Yourself

    The strongest drive for achievement
    comes from within oneself.
    We are passionate and self-driven.

  • Live to Learn

    Growth excites us. It is in our DNA.
    We are people who enjoy learning and
    there is nothing we can’t learn.

  • Build with Evidence

    Ideas can come from intuitions,
    but the journey in making ideas into
    reality is built with robust evidence.

  • Push for Craftsmanship

    We pursue craftsmanship to achieve
    perfection and maintain high credibility.
    We create an impact and make changes.

  • Love One Another

    We value and appreciate the people
    we work with, and this is how we put ourselves
    in others' shoes and think for
    ways to help them.

Leadership Principles

  • Lead by Example
    Leaders at Lunit do not sit high above and direct with words. They are people who rise to their feet and get their hands dirty. That does not mean they should “do it all”. They are constantly in action, motivating others to act with them.
  • Be the Intelligent Processor
    The work process requires a leader’s intelligent intervention. Some of these include swift problem solving, constant clarification, and fast decision making that can make things running smoothly.
  • You Raise Me Up
    A leader at Lunit cares, supports, acknowledges, and inspires people by being thoughtful and considerate. They are committed to empowering team members, providing opportunities for them to rise to the occasion and make impactful achievements.
  • Listen, Think, Communicate and Over-Communicate
    Communication is key to cooperative work. Leaders must first listen, thoroughly think, analyze, and go to great lengths to communicate and over-communicate, making sure the team is on the same page.
  • Heart of a World Champion
    A champion pushes for excellence. A champion rises to the top. A champion is bold and courageous. Leading with the heart of a world champion means all of the above, added with a global mindset. As a company that provides medical solutions, we believe our solutions are inherently universal, impacting all human beings around the globe. Leaders at Lunit never cease to keep that perspective.
  • Always a Step Ahead.
    Your Vision Is Our Vision
    A leader always looks ahead and looks forward, guiding the path and the direction we are heading onto. Seek for what’s next and what is to come.

Team Lunit

We’re Lunit
“Learning Unit”

Beomseok Brandon Suh

Chief Executive Officer

Anthony Paek

Co-founder, Executive Chairman, Chief Innovation Officer

Hyeonseong Park

Chief Financial Officer

Donggeun Yoo

Co-founder, Chief of Research

Sunggyun Park

Co-founder, Chief Product Officer, Radiology Group

Kihwan Kim

Chief Medical Officer, Radiology Group

Minhong Jang

Co-founder, Chief Business Officer, Radiology Group

Kyunghyun Paeng

Co-founder, Chief Product Officer, Oncology Group

Chan-Young Ock

Chief Medical Officer, Oncology Group

Jungin Lee

Co-founder, VP of Regulation

Jooseung Lee

VP of People

Jussarang Lee

VP of Branding and Communications

Thijs Kooi

VP of Research, Radiology Group

SangYeob Yu

VP of Software Development, Radiology Group

Jaehoon Ahn

VP of Solution Engineering, Radiology Group

JaeMin Oh

VP of Global Sales, Radiology Group

Steve Slasinski

VP of North America Sales, Radiology Group

Chris Land

VP of Europe Sales, Radiology Group

Chanick Park

VP of Korea Sales & Sales Acceleration, Radiology Group

Sergio Pereira

VP of Research, Oncology Group

Jeongseok Kang

VP of Software Development, Oncology Group

Paul Rohricht

VP of Business Development, Oncology Group

Jimin Chang

Design Chapter Lead, Brand Experience Designer

Our Journey

A First Generation
Medical AI Start-up





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    AI for Radiology
    and Oncology

    Team Lunit

    Beomseok Brandon Suh

    Chief Executive Officer

    Brandon studied medicine in Seoul National University College of Medicine and is a board certified physician in Family Medicine, trained at Seoul National University Hospital. Prior to medical school, he graduated from KAIST with a bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences. He has also received master’s degrees in both Public Health (MPH) and Business Administration (MBA). Brandon has a deep passion for medical research with much experience in both basic and clinical research, having published 30+ articles in world-renowned journals like Hepatology and Annals of Oncology.

    Beomseok Brandon Suh