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Meet Our AI Researchers

Chief of Research

“Thinking out of the box is what makes Lunit. We come up with unique approaches to existing problems, sharing what we have learned along the way.”

Donggeun Yoo

Research Scientist

“At Lunit, everything is state-of-the-art: the culture, the technology, and the people.”

Jongchan Park

Research Scientist

“Joining Lunit Research was an easy career decision, given its research outlook, culture, and environment.”

Seonwook Park

Research Scientist

“Research at Lunit is a carefully designed balance of conceptual exploration and impactful application.”

Hyunjae Lee

Research Scientist

“At Lunit, we get to work with large amounts of carefully curated medical data, which allows for creative hypotheses to be thoroughly tested.”

Haejun Kim

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