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Batch-Instance Normalization for Adaptively Style-Invariant Neural Networks

Hyeonseob Nam et al. — NeurIPS (2018)


Real-world image recognition is often challenged by the variability of visual styles including object textures, lighting conditions, filter effects, etc. Although these variations have been deemed to be implicitly handled by more training data and deeper networks, recent advances in image style transfer suggest that it is also possible to explicitly manipulate the style information. Extending this idea to general visual recognition problems, we present Batch-Instance Normalization (BIN) to explicitly normalize unnecessary styles from images. Considering certain style features play an essential role in discriminative tasks, BIN learns to selectively normalize only disturbing styles while preserving useful styles. The proposed normalization module is easily incorporated into existing network architectures such as Residual Networks, and surprisingly improves the recognition performance in various scenarios. Furthermore, experiments verify that BIN effectively adapts to completely different tasks like object classification and style transfer, by controlling the tradeoff between preserving and removing style variations. BIN can be implemented with only a few lines of code using popular deep learning frameworks.

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Hyeonseob Nam, Hyo-Eun Kim

Lunit Inc.

NeurIPS (2018)

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