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Breast Cancer Awareness Month — Ambassador Messages

Oct 14, 2021 — 3 min read

Jonathan Yang

We asked our Lunit ambassadors from around the world to share a message to all women in general and of their expectation of Lunit AI in regards to early diagnosis of Breast Cancer.

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“Do not delay getting mammography and annual check-ups after the age of 40. If your breast tissue is dense (consult your doctor), do not forget to add the breast ultrasound examination to the mammography screening. If you have breast cancer or ovarian cancer history in your family, have your risks calculated for breast cancer. If you have a high risk of breast cancer, it is important to be screened with breast MRI or Contrast-Enhanced Mammography every two years.

Please do not neglect your breast health, inform your relatives as well.”

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“Well-informed women are empowered women, always seek credible information to guide your decisions regarding your health. Technology has grown in leaps and bounds so the options from diagnosis to management has likewise evolved. Don’t let your misapprehensions and fears keep you in the dark.”

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“Breast cancer does not discriminate. Age is no barrier. As October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I would like to emphasize the importance of preventive medicine and self-care.

Knowledge is power but only if women take charge and are proactive in regards to their breast health by showing up yearly or every 2 years for their breast screening from the age of 40 or younger if they have a significant family history.

I would like to empower all women to make well-informed decisions regarding their breast health.

To all the mums, aunties, grandparents, besties and women in your community, I am encouraging you to make time to see your GPs for your routine clinical breast examination, discuss and learn about your personal risk profile, book your mammogram appointment and discuss the need for a supplementary breast ultrasound check.

To the men in this community, I encourage you to lovingly prompt those special women in your life for them to make time and prioritise their breast health check and imaging tests.”

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“Women are courageous, strong and compassionate creatures that have the potentials to achieve great things. I believe that the cornerstone of the civilized, strong societies is the healthy woman. She should be a priority for herself and be aware of her well being inside out.

Breast cancer is the most common type of women’s cancer in both developed and less-developed countries. Women should seek professional advice and guidance not only at the times of her breast is not feeling well but also at regular annual screens to assure herself, early detect and conquer that distressing disease.”

. . .

“Doing a regular MMG screening has shown to save lives and reduce breast cancer mortality by nearly 30%. Medical fraternity personnel are constantly trying their best to improve breast cancer detection by advances in mammographic techniques and also by providing excellent AI based second reader softwares like Lunit INSIGHT MMG.

Now it’s your turn to take an active step to defeat this disease. Do regular mammogram for yourself and your loved ones. This can save life and save breasts! Every woman deserves right of early detection and better prognosis! and You too!”

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