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Case of the Month | Where Is Breast Cancer?

May 17, 2021 — 5 min read

Bokyeong Woo

In this monthly quiz, we’re going to bring you a real-world case to find a certain finding, disease, or cancer. All cases presented are from the hospitals using Lunit AI worldwide.

By taking this quiz, you will be able to get a firsthand experience of comparing your interpretation and AI analysis.

Our first case is from a hospital in Seoul, Korea. Instead of checking the AI result right away, how about you read the case first? Once you’ve made your own diagnosis, scroll down to see what AI detected and how close you came to diagnosis.

Ready? Let’s get started!

Case information:

  • Female, 44-year-old

  • Visiting OB-GYN

  • Initial mammogram

Haven’t found anything yet? Then, scroll down to see what AI detected.

  • A partially obscured and spiculated hyperdense mass was detected in upper portion of left breast on MLO view.

  • Lunit AI abnormality score: L 21%

  • Biopsy result: Malignancy

The radiologist missed breast cancer at her first reading. During the ultrasound, however, she found a spiculated irregular hypoechoic mass. She then checked the Lunit AI result to find there was breast cancer in that area. Biopsy result confirmed malignancy.

This challenging quiz demonstrates Lunit AI can serve as a safeguard, ensuring you don’t miss any areas of concern on a mammogram. It can also give you a second opinion, improving your diagnostic confidence.

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