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Case of the Month (Chest x-ray)

Sep 28, 2021 — 2 min read

Jonathan Yang

  • COVID-19 Case

  • Of the four x-ray images, where is the finding?

  • All cases underwent a de-identification process when received, thus no history or content can be provided regarding the patient.


If you selected Case #3, then you are correct!
All other cases are normal!

Let's see what our Lunit AI found:


With massive COVID-19 outbreaks, there is a shortage of medical resources, therefore limiting timely testing of RT-PCR (confirmatory test). Chest radiography (CR) constitutes a fast and relatively inexpensive imaging modality for finding lesions in the lungs.

INSIGHT CXR can be used as a triage & monitoring tool and significantly reducing the burden on clinicians and radiologists in a sudden surge of suspected COVID-19 patients.

Screening & Monitoring workflow



With lower sensitivity and high inter-reader variability for COVID-19 pneumonia, AI-CAD may help imaging-based triage of patients in resource-constrained environments where expert radiologists are not available, and improve accuracy and inter-reader variability of physicians’ CXR interpretations.

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