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Our Team


서범석Chief Executive Officer
백승욱Co - founder, Executive Chairman, Chief Product Officer
장민홍Co - founder, Chief Business Officer
박현성Chief Financial Officer
박승균Co - founder, Head of Chest Radiology
김효은Head of Breast Radiology
팽경현Co - founder, Head of Precision Pathology
이정인Co - founder, VP of Regulation
유동근Co - founder, VP of Research
김기환VP of Medical Affairs
박찬익VP of Korea Sales
안재훈VP of Solution Engineering
Steve SlasinskiVP of North American Sales
이주승VP of HR
Chris LandVP of Europe Sales


엄재홍PM of CT Project
박천성Research Scientist
이재환Research Scientist
남현섭Research Scientist
김민철Research Scientist
유인완Research Scientist
이현재Research Scientist
박종찬Research Scientist
정호영Patent Attorney
장민제Research Scientist
이정훈Research Scientist
김훈Research Scientist
나세일Research Scientist
윤원준Research Scientist
이원석Research Scientist
이승용Research Engineer
Sérgio PereiraResearch Scientist

Medical Affairs

신지원Research Staff
임은지Research Staff
이승제Research Staff
신지수Research Staff
유현석Medical Director
옥찬영Medical Director


심혜민Design Team Leader
유상엽Frontend Team Leader
방수철Backend Team Leader
박우락Software Engineer
윤다솜Product Designer
황석환Software Engineer
이우석Software Engineer
서지연Software Engineer
이재홍Software Engineer
김해준Software Engineer
양희성Solution Engineer
김진아Solution Engineer
장지민Brand Designer
이서연Software Engineer
경선희Software Engineer
이재천Solution Engineer
탁다임Software Engineer
신광수Software Engineer
윤태영Product Designer
황소연Solution Engineer
이유나Brand Designer
정길상Partnership Engineer
이슬아Software Engineer

Regulatory Affairs

정슬희Regulatory Affairs Specialist
강주연Clinical Research Manager/Medical Writer
한형탁Regulatory Affairs Specialist
양형국Medical Director/Medical Writer
김윤진QA Manager
최희은RA Manager
김형준Clinical Research Manager
박선하Regulatory Affairs Specialist
김은영QA Manager
이주희Regulatory Affairs Specialist

Business Development

정나영Business Development Manager
정성현Business Development Manager
서인우Business Development Manager
정유정Business Development Manager
김지현Sales Operation Manager
조경식Business Development Manager
오재민Business Development Director
문영선Product Marketing Manager

Operations/Corporate Relations

김가진Operations Team Leader
김지연HR Manager
신영은Accounting/Tax Manager
김민지Accounting/Finance Manager
송진호Attorney at Law
이주사랑Communications Manager
조경아Office Manager
강진민HR Manager
신창호HR Manager
양민수IR Manager
심민석Accounting Team Leader
김지수Office Manager
김수연Office Manager
장주영Communications Manager


Dr. Eliot Siegel, FACR, FSIIM
Dr. Linda Moy
Dr. Khan Siddiqui
Dr. Jihoon Jeong
Kyunghyun Cho, PhD