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  • Oncology

    Abstract : Deep learning-based H&E analyzer reveals distinct immune profiles and clinical outcomes among immune phenotypes in uterine corpus endometrial carcinoma

    AACR (2022) — Apr 10, 2022

    Horyun Choi et al.

  • Oncology

    Abstract : Artificial intelligence-powered spatial analysis of tumor-infiltrating lymphocytes reveals immune-excluded phenotype is correlated with TGF-beta pathway related genomic aberrations

    AACR (2022) — Apr 8, 2022

    Gahee Park, et al.

  • AI

    Interactive Multi-Class Tiny-Object Detection

    ArXiv — Mar 29, 2022

    Chunggi Lee et al.

  • Breast

    Mammographically occult breast cancers detected with AI-based diagnosis supporting software: clinical and histopathologic characteristics

    Insights into Imaging (2022) — Mar 26, 2022

    Hee Jeong Kim et al.

  • Oncology

    Abstract : Artificial Intelligence-Powered Tumor Purity Assessment From H&E Whole Slide Images Correlates...

    USCAP (2022) — Mar 22, 2022

    Gahee Park et al.

  • Oncology

    Abstract : Artificial Intelligence-Powered Analyzer Reduces Inter-observer Variation in PD-L1 Tumor Proportion Score of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

    USCAP (2022) — Mar 22, 2022

    Seokhwi Kim et al.

  • Artificial Intelligence for Breast Cancer Screening in Mammography (AI-STREAM): A Prospective Multicenter Study Design in Korea Using AI-Based CADe/x

    Journal of Breast Cancer (2022) — Feb 25, 2022

    Yun-Woo Chang et al.

  • Breast

    Retrospective Review of Missed Cancer Detection and Its Mammography Findings with Artificial-Intelligence-Based, Computer-Aided Diagnosis

    Diagnostics (2022) — Feb 2, 2022

    Ga Eun Park et al.