AI will be the new standard of care.By Lunit.

With AI,
we aim to make data-driven medicine
the new standard of care.
We are especially focused on
conquering cancer,
one of the leading causes
of death worldwide.

Happening now
at Lunit

  • Partnership News

    Lunit to Incorporate its Chest Detection Suite into Philips' Diagnostic X-ray Suite

  • COVID-19

    South Korean Medical AI Provider and PACS Leader Enters Indonesian Market, to Help COVID-19 Screening and Diagnosis

    Lunit Media • Jan 27, 2021
  • Chest

    Using AI to better manage COVID-19

    Minhong JangMinhong Jang • Jun 2, 2020
  • Products

    AI for Radiology and Oncology

    *Lunit lab at Samsung Medical Center, Seoul, Korea

  • Chest Radiology

    AI Proves Its Value in Assistance for Emergency Cases-- With Higher Accuracy and Timely Reporting Time of Chest Radiographs

    Lunit Media • Dec 24, 2020
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    Try using our AI online and see how our AI can help doctors

  • Evidence

    Making data-driven medicine a reality

  • Breast Radiology

    Recent Studies Reveal High Performance of Lunit AI in Breast Cancer Detection

    Lunit Media • Sep 10, 2020
  • COVID-19

    Lunit Releases Its AI Online to Support Healthcare Professionals Manage COVID-19

    Lunit Media • Mar 30, 2020

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