Conquer Cancer
through AI

Cancer is complex.
Every cancer is unique in its own way,
containing vast information that needs to be processed.

Complex is what AI does best.
With its analysis that extends human capacity,
AI can unlock cancer information
that leads us to new revelations that can
serve as a key strategy in fighting cancer.

Armed with accurate and appropriate
we can take a step ahead in the
war on cancer.

Through AI, we can conquer cancer.

Vision & Mission
Conquer Cancer through AI
We develop AI that detects
cancer and optimizes cancer treatment.

Setting New Milestones
for AI in Cancer Care

    • First showcase of biomarker products <Lunit SCOPE IO> and <Lunit SCOPE PD-L1>
    • CE marked <Lunit SCOPE PD-L1>
    • Initial Public Offering (KOSDAQ)
    • Recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a diagnostic tool to replace medical professionals in tuberculosis screenings
    • Series C-Tranche B investment by Guardant Health ($26M)
    • Pre-IPO round investment led by HealthQuest and Naver ($61M)
    • PMDA approved <CXR-AID>, a collaboration between Fujifilm and Lunit in Japan
    • FDA cleared <Lunit INSIGHT MMG>
    • FDA cleared <Lunit INSIGHT CXR Triage>
    • First showcase of <Lunit INSIGHT Chest CT>, <Lunit INSIGHT DBT>
    • ‘Digital Health 150’ by CB Insights
    • Partnership agreement with Philips
    • Partnership agreement with Guardant Health
    • Partnership agreement with Agfa
    • Series C-Tranche A investment led by Sinhan Investment ($27M)
    • CE certified <Lunit INSIGHT MMG>
    • Awarded by World Economic Forum as one of 100 “Technology Pioneer 2020”
    • ‘Digital Health 150’ by CB Insights
    • Digital Health 150 by CB Insights
    • Ministry of Korea Food and Drug Safety clearance <Lunit INSIGHT MMG>
    • CE marked <Lunit INSIGHT CXR>
    • 1st place in <Visual Domain Adaptation Challenge>
    • Series B1 investment led by Fujifilm ($5M)
    • Series B investment led by Intervest ($15M)
    • Ministry of Korea Food and Drug Safety clearance <Lunit INSIGHT CXR-Nodule>
    • Launched breast screening product <Lunit INSIGHT MMG>
    • Partnership agreement with Fujifilm
    • Top 100 AI startup, by CB Insights
    • Top 5 “Social Impact” AI startup, by NVIDIA
    • Ranked 1st place in <CAMELYON Grand Challenge 2017> 1st place in <CAMELYON Grand Challenge 2017>
    • 5th place in <The Digital Mammography DREAM Challenge 2017>
    • Launched its first product for chest x-ray, <Lunit INSIGHT CXR-Nodule>
    • Series A1 investment led by Softbank Ventures Asia ($3.3M)
    • 1st place in <MICCAI Tumor Proliferation Assessment Challenge 2016>
    • 5th place in <ImageNet>
    • Series A investment led by Softbank Ventures Asia ($2M)
    • Pivots to medical imaging–Changes name to Lunit
    • Seed investment by Kakao Ventures ($0.1M)
    • Foundation of company (as CLDI)

Our Investors

Outranking Top Tech
Companies in AI Challenges


2019*Semi - Supervised Domain Adaptation Task
  1. 1. Lunit
  2. 2. JD AI Research
  3. 3. Samsung AI Center Moscow


  1. 1. Lunit
  2. 2. MGH CCDS
  3. 3. Eindhoven Univ. of Tech

MICCAI Grand Challenge

2016*Tumor Proliferation Assessment
  1. 1. Lunit
  2. 2. IBM Research Zurich
  3. 5. Microsoft Research Asia

Main Task (CLS-LOC)

  1. 1. Microsoft Research Asia
  2. 5. Lunit
  3. 7. Google


The logo reflects our vision of saving lives
through technology.
It symbolizes the
connection of a node, the basic unit of deep
technology, and a cell, the basic unit of
Through AI, we aim to conquer cancer and
save more lives,
inviting a healthier future for