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Lunit AI Receives HSA Approval, Now Commercially Available in Singapore

Sep 6, 2021 - Lunit Media
  • Lunit AI products for analyzing chest X-ray and mammograms now approved to support medical professionals of Singapore, by detecting suspicious lesions with 96-99% accuracy

  • Applied in one of Singapore's leading healthcare centers, with positive feedback from the users

Lunit today announced its AI products for analyzing chest X-ray 'Lunit INSIGHT CXR' and breast mammography 'Lunit INSIGHT MMG' have received HSA approval to be commercially available in Singapore.

As a leading medical AI company, Lunit provides AI software that detects and analyzes radiology images. The most mature products--Lunit INSIGHT CXR and Lunit INSIGHT MMG--provide AI-powered detection of lesions that are suspicious of chest abnormalities and breast cancer with 96-99% accuracy and visualizes the location of the findings.

Image of Lunit INSIGHT MMG (right) and Lunit INSIGHT CXR (left)

"Singapore is a healthcare hub of APAC, known to provide high quality and easy access to medical service for patients," said Brandon Suh, CEO of Lunit. "We are delighted to introduce our AI solution to hospitals and medical centers in Singapore, to create clinical value and ensure healthier life for the people."

As for its first step, the company's AI solution has been applied to FeM Surgery, one of Singapore's leading healthcare centers holding eight different centers around Asia. After validating through a research model, the center uses AI in clinical practice for breast cancer screening.

"Lunit AI has proven to be a reliable second reader in my practice," said Dr. Felicia Tan, Director of FeM Surgery. "It has sped up the daily workflow and at the same time improved accuracy in mammogram interpretation."

Lunit INSIGHT products are now clinically used in over 300 sites worldwide to help medical professionals more efficiently and accurately diagnose diseases in chest X-rays and mammography images. It is CE marked and also holds approval in more than 30 countries including Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, and more.