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Team Lunit

Lunit Culture Code

Growth excites us and it is in our DNA

Lunit Culture Code

Live to learn and grow together

Lunitians are self-motivated individuals with a passion for learning and growth. Be proactive in your growth, while aligning with your team’s needs, to grow together. Lunitians’ growth is Lunit’s growth.

Work with global DNA

Lunit is a global company working on a universal mission. Embrace our global perspective, including serving our customers, patients, partners, markets, and fellow peers at a global scale, as well as practicing inclusive communication, even if inefficient at times.

Thrive with responsible autonomy

#responsible autonomy
At Lunit, there is minimum structure, maximum flexibility. Lunitians are empowered and trusted to choose how they work as individual professionals and make the right decisions on behalf of what’s best for Lunit, while being responsible for their actions and decisions.

Obsess over timely craftsmanship

It is Lunit’s identity to obsess over craftsmanship and command best-in-class status. Aim and plan to consistently achieve excellence in quality, and make sure to deliver on time. We must not forget that timely delivery is also a core pillar of excellence.

Win, united as one team

#one team
The only way to achieve our goal and be successful in our mission is to work as one team, together. Strong teamwork starts with professional work ethic and ownership and is completed by collaborating with others. Rather than focusing only on your individual tasks, put Lunit’s success as a whole into perspective.

Lunitians, talk to each other

Lunit’s success starts with communication. We are open to receiving and giving feedback–proactively sharing our thoughts and opinions constructively and transparently. We persevere to confront our differences in opinion with confidence there is mutual trust.

Respect one another, with love

Lunitians are sincere and good-hearted. Showing respect and love for one another will bring out the best in us. Because of love, we care for each other, support each other and communicate respectfully.

Lunit CEO and the executive team


Beomseok Brandon Suh

Chief Executive Officer

Anthony Paek

Co-founder, Executive Chairman

Hyeonseong Park

Chief Financial Officer

Donggeun Yoo

Co-founder, Chief of Research

Sunggyun Park

Co-founder, Chief Product, and Regulation Division Officer

Kihwan Kim

Chief Medical Officer, Group Head of Cancer Screening Group

Kyunghyun Paeng

Co-founder, Chief Product Officer, Cancer Screening Group

Chan-Young Ock

Chief Medical Officer, Oncology Group

Ken Nesmith

Chief Business Officer, Group Head of Oncology Group

Jungin Lee

Co-founder, VP of Infrastructure

Jinsub Bae

Dept. Head of Finance & Accounting

Hyungah Kim

Dept. Head of People

Thijs Kooi

Dept. Head of Research, Cancer Screening Group

Soochul Bang

Dept. Head of Software Development, Cancer Screening Group

Yoonjin Kim

Dept. Head of Regulation

Jaehoon Ahn

Dept. Head of Enhancement Engineering

JaeMin Oh

Dept. Head of Business Development, Cancer Screening Group

Yuchung Janice Jung

Dept. Head of Business Development, Cancer Screening Group

Simon Sanghyup Lee

Dept. Head of Medical Affairs Department, Cancer Screening Group

Sergio Pereira

Dept. Head of Research, Oncology Group

Chang Ho Ahn

Dept. Head of Medical Affairs,Oncology Group

Jeongseok Kang

Dept. Head of Software Development, Oncology Group

Terri Kim

Dept. Head of Strategy, US Market, Oncology Group

Ryan Choi

Dept. Head of Clinical Research, Cancer Screening Group

Weicheng Wang

Dept. Head of AI Platform, Research Division

Leadership Principles

Leadership Principles

  • Lead by Example
    Leaders at Lunit do not sit high above and direct with words. They are people who rise to their feet and get their hands dirty. That does not mean they should “do it all”. They are constantly in action, motivating others to act with them.
  • Be the Intelligent Processor
    The work process requires a leader’s intelligent intervention. Some of these include swift problem solving, constant clarification, and fast decision making that can make things running smoothly.
  • You Raise Me Up
    A leader at Lunit cares, supports, acknowledges, and inspires people by being thoughtful and considerate. They are committed to empowering team members, providing opportunities for them to rise to the occasion and make impactful achievements.
  • Listen, Think, Communicate and Over-Communicate
    Communication is key to cooperative work. Leaders must first listen, thoroughly think, analyze, and go to great lengths to communicate and over-communicate, making sure the team is on the same page.
  • Heart of a World Champion
    A champion pushes for excellence. A champion rises to the top. A champion is bold and courageous. Leading with the heart of a world champion means all of the above, added with a global mindset. As a company that provides medical solutions, we believe our solutions are inherently universal, impacting all human beings around the globe. Leaders at Lunit never cease to keep that perspective.
  • Always a Step Ahead.
    Your Vision Is Our Vision
    A leader always looks ahead and looks forward, guiding the path and the direction we are heading onto. Seek for what’s next and what is to come.