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Computer-Aided Detection / Diagnosis Software for Chest X-ray, Class II

  1. CXR_Korea MFDS : [Product Name] Computer-Aided Detection / Diagnosis Software for Chest X-ray, Class II / [Product License No.] 제허 20-896호 [Date of Initial Approval] 19 October 2020 / [Validity Period] 19 October 2020 – 18 October 2025 [Issuer] The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety
  2. CXR_CE : EC Certificate issued under the European Medical Device Regulation (EU MDR) [First Issue Date] 31 October 2022/ [Expiry Date] 30 October 2027 / [Issuer] BSI


Lunit INSIGHT CXR helps detect and diagnose 10 of the most common abnormal radiologic findings in Chest X-rays

Pleural Effusion
Mediastinal Widening
Supporting Tuberculosis Screening

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Generates Abnormality Score and AI Report

Displays Detected Location of lesion & Abnormality Score

The probability of lesion presence is scored from 0 to 100.

AI Analysis Report

AI Analysis Report summarizes the Detected Location and Abnormality Score in the form of a report.

Adjustable Threshold
for each Finding

Scores of abnormal findings above the predefined threshold are shown in the analyzed image.

Example of threshold for nodule adjusted to 20

* Note : Finding(s) applied with threshold 15 are not shown in the bar.

Compare Feature

Lunit INSIGHT CXR automatically retrieves the previous patient’s X-ray images and compares them with the current images to indicate the changes in the areas of pneumothorax, consolidation, and pleural effusion.

Pxt Pneumothorax R - L -
PEt Pleural Effusion R - L -
Csn Consolidation R
N Appeared
L -

* Availability may vary depending on the type of PACS.


Improved Reading Efficiency

According to the European Respiratory Journal,
Lunit INSIGHT CXR helped reduce the reading time for normal cases by 33% when assisting radiologists in reading Chest X-rays.

33 % reduction
Read Clinical Evidence

Ju Gang Nam, Minchul Kim, et al. Development and validation of a deep learning algorithm detecting 10 common abnormalities on chest radiographs.

Seamless Integration

Lunit INSIGHT CXR can be integrated into your workflow, transforming your reading experience.

The algorithm is updated annually with additional training datasets or new features by the manufacturer to manage the performance.

As this product is a medical device, please read the user manual carefully before use.

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