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AI solution for Digital Breast Tomosynthesis
Lunit INSIGHT DBT is the commercial name of Lunit INSIGHT MMG 2.0

Less Doubts,
More Confidence

Location of suspicious lesions (soft tissue lesions and calcification) marked with abnormality scores

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Lunit INSIGHT MMG(2D)'s Proven Performance

The First AI Used for a National Screening Program

Lunit INSIGHT MMG(2D) has been selected for Australia’s national breast screen
program to assist radiologists
in examining 350,000 women per year.

First Prospective Study Validating the
Clinical Impact of Lunit INSIGHT MMG(2D) in a Real-World Screening

The clinical trial conducted on 55,759 women in a
prospective screening
setting showed that Lunit INSIGHT
MMG(2D), working with a single radiologist, detected more
breast cancers compared to a team of two radiologists.

Best Performing Algorithm,
Lunit INSIGHT MMG(2D), Validated by External Evaluation

Lunit INSIGHT MMG (2D) showed the best accuracy
in breast cancer detection
compared to other commercial


Read with Confidence

Lunit INSIGHT DBT quantifies the likelihood of malignancy for each
suspicious lesion with an abnormality score (0-100%) and
displays location information with heatmap or contours.

It also provides information on lesion types:
soft tissue lesions (mass, architectural distortion, and asymmetry)
& calcification.

Read with Convenience

Lunit INSIGHT DBT supports various integration types
(SR, SC, GSPS, and In-App Viewer).

It enables you to click and jump to the best visible slice
(SR and In-app viewer).

*In-App Viewer: Customizable viewer at a user-level

Read Faster

Lunit INSIGHT DBT not only highlights each lesion for greater visibility,
but also presents the best 3D slice best to show a suspicious lesion
which accelerates tomo reading.


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Lunit Meets MDR CE Standards for 3D Breast Tomosynthesis AI Solution
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