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AI-Powered Biomarker for Immune Phenotyping

Lunit SCOPE IO is currently available for research use only.


Close to the Ground Truth

Trained with 50K slides including 10M+ cell annotations by 150+ pathologists worldwide, Lunit SCOPE IO generates analysis results that are objective and close to the ground truth.

Instant Immune Phenotype Classification

Detecting cancer area, stroma and TILs from H&E slides, Lunit SCOPE IO instantly classifies three immune phenotypes—inflamed, excluded, desert.

3-Day Turnaround

It takes only three days to get AI analysis results.

16+ Cancer Types

Covers 16 types of cancer including lung, head and neck, esophagus, cervix, stomach, colorectum, breast, pancreas, bladder, melanoma, kidney, liver, ovary, prostate, biliary tract, and endometrium.


Detection & Quantification

AI detects intratumoral TILs and stromal TILs from whole slide images.

Immune Phenotype Map Generation

AI classifies three immune phenotypes—inflamed, exclued, desert.

AI Score for Response Prediction

AI biomarker score is calculated based on the phenotype map. If the score is higher than the cut-off value,
the patient would be more likely positive and respond to immunotherapy.

Biomarker Finding

How it works

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AI-Powered PD-L1 Biomarker Analyzer


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