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  • Cancer Screening AI

    AI for cancer detection

    By detecting early-stage cancers, AI enables timely management that can increase chance of survival.

  • Cancer Treatment AI

    AI biomarker for immunotherapy

    By accurately predicting treatment response, AI helps increase immunotherapy efficacy.

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    Strong research with 150+ studies and abstracts

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    World-leading technology

    Ranked 1st place in <CAMELYON Grand Challenge 2017>

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    Meet our customers: Using AI in day-to-day practices

    Lunit AI to be introduced to Inje University Paik Hospital nationwide...

Providing cancer care for all

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  • 루닛 AI가 다른 AI, 심지어 영상의학과 전문의보다 정확도가 높았습니다.

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  • 루닛 인공지능이 발전하는 한 의료는 밝다고 생각해요

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