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Our Vision

Lunit Core Value

Who We Are



We are original people with explicit opinions, not afraid to take a step away from the crowd. We value originality and try hard to uphold it.



The strongest drive for achievement comes from inside out, not pushed from outside. We are passionate people with a clear vision toward the objective. Lunit sets the environment for you to keep yourself motivated.


Live to

Growth excites us. It is in our DNA. Your growth leads to the growth of the company. We are people who enjoy learning and become stimulated by the adventure it brings. There nothing we can’t learn.


Build with

We make solutions that can save lives and make it better. We actively promote creativity at work, and ideas can come from intuitions, but the journey and its final product come from robust evidence.


Push for

We are people proud of what we do. We pursue craftsmanship to achieve perfection and maintain high credibility. It is how we make a significant impact and meaningful changes.


One Another

We are people who respect different opinions and care for one another. We value and appreciate the people we work with, and this is how we put ourselves in other’s shoes and think for ways to help them.


We connect human and technology to transform lives in a beneficial way. Through our unprecedented AI technology, we seek to provide AI solutions that open a new era of data-driven precision medicine.

We aim to solve the most critical issues in cancer care today: reduce medical cost and prolong survival.

What makes work enjoyable at lunit


Growth-Oriented Culture

  • Highly talented colleagues to learn from
  • Support for research and academic publications
  • Support for professional development
  • Exposure to the latest technology

Learning Resources

  • Regular AI, medical seminars that cover latest trends
  • Vast training data with highest quality
  • DevOps system for deep learning
  • Book purchase, conference attendances
  • Device/gadget of choice provided


Motivation Support

  • Flexible working hours and unlimited vacation
  • Free to work from home
  • Lunch, dinner, and snacks provided at work
  • ESocial mixers of diverse themes
  • Parental leave


  • High salary and stock option (best in the industry)
  • Medical check-ups, Insurance, Health allowance
  • Congratulations and condolences allowances